• Image of Tails of RescueMen USA 2017 Calendar
  • Image of Tails of RescueMen USA 2017 Calendar

For each $15 donation you make to the RescueMen© Campaign, you will receive one of our Tails of RescueMen 2017 calendars which includes the real stories and photos of inspirational men who have come to the rescue of animals in need through adoption, fostering, rescue or some form of animal advocacy.

The mission of the calendar is to promote the importance to adopt, NOT shop and showcase how wonderful shelter/rescue animals can be. The goal is to find them ALL their forever homes!

Each month includes photos of a featured RescueMan with their companion animal (s) and the real story of how they came together.

Donations to the RescueMen© campaign benefit its umbrella company, Pillows for Paws©, who provides shelter cats, dogs and rabbits with essential supplies of beds, toys, treats, grooming and behavioral enrichment items in NYC.

Please go to www.rescuemen.org for more information.

**For International mail, a postage charge will be added at checkout.